Sizing Chart

At B-YourBest Apparel, we take pride in offering high-quality clothing items that are not only stylish but also designed to fit you comfortably. In this guide, we'll explore the concept of "true to size" and how it applies to our t-shirts and hoodies.

What does "true to size" mean?

"True to size" is a term commonly used in the fashion industry to indicate that a garment fits as expected based on standard sizing guidelines. It means that our t-shirts and hoodies are designed to match the measurements you would typically expect for your chosen size.

Why is "true to size" important?

Choosing clothing that is true to size is crucial for a comfortable and flattering fit. When a garment fits as expected, it allows for ease of movement and enhances your overall appearance. Whether you prefer a relaxed or fitted style, our t-shirts and hoodies are designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and style.

How to find your perfect size:

When selecting a size for our t-shirts and hoodies, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Refer to our size chart: Our size chart provides detailed measurements for each size. Take your own measurements and compare them to the chart to determine the best fit.
  2. Consider your preferences: Think about how you like your t-shirts and hoodies to fit. Some individuals prefer a looser fit, while others prefer a more tailored look.

At B-YourBest Apparel, we understand the importance of finding clothing that fits you well and makes you feel confident. Our t-shirts and hoodies are designed to be true to size, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit. Explore our collection and discover the perfect fit for your unique personality.